Araminta Jonsson

Araminta is the Founder and Editor of Pipe Down magazine. The driving force behind the idea. Constantly striving to develop new ideas and ways to help others involved in addiction. She puts the boss in bossy.

pipe down photo shoot 4

Alex Drummond

Alex is a keen contributor and is the go to man for anything from websites, blogging to business plans.


Charlotte Tyler

Our Charlotte is the Social Media head honcho. Maintaining and updating our Facebook/Twitter and Instagram pages. Interacting with our readers and making sure you see and hear the tough stuff!


Craggle Rock

Craggle facilitates our creative writing groups in both treatment centres and prisons. He is an exceptionally talented wordsmith and musician. He also comes with plenty of lived experience.


Kelly Nunnerley

The once globetrotting trolley dolly prefers to push a pen for a living these days. Currently Kelly is a working mother (a great one too), writer and poet.


Riccardo Coco

Fanatical about film, Ricci reviews and writes about anything even remotely related to addiction and recovery. He is currently also studying to be a counsellor.


Austin Fenn

 Known by the masses as Mr Oz, Austin has traveled the world in recovery. He is an inspiration to anyone who may think that recovery might be boring


Lucy Kuy

Lucy is an inspiration. She has come through so much and is still standing to tell the tale. Thank God for us she is. Lady of many talents, Lucy is not only a writer but also a singer, studying to be a therapist and one of the duo that make up the Happy as Larry company. Goodness knows how she manages it all! 


Liz Morgan

Liz is our Event Coordinator as well as another one of our Social Media gurus. On social media, her specialty is Twitterizing, she keeps the readers up to date with news and stories across the social media network. She’s a real cool cat and has her finger on pretty much all of those pulses.


N. Truffles

Mr Truffles is an enigma, a shining light in a sea of desperation. A great writer and contributor towards the magazine. He currently has input in all areas from social media, to content writing and story telling. A key cog in the Pipe Down Wheel