Our Partners

MOBO Media Combines creative design with ingenious marketing skills we provide a wide range of services throughout the Country. Known for revamping businesses.

Brynawel House rehab is South Wales leading alcohol and drug treatment centre. Working with both private and funded clients they lead the way in modern therapy.

Wills & Legal Services pride themselves on tailoring to their clients individual needs and have been instrumental in the development of the Pipe Down Foundation.

The Recovery Street Film Festival focuses on filmmakers who have lived experience of recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, whether it is themselves or a loved one.

They want to demonstrate through the medium of film the diverse issues that are faced by people overcoming addiction and how those around them can be affected.

The aim is to empower people affected by addiction by giving them a voice and providing a platform to tell their own stories. We want the films to show a different side to the story of addiction: one that shows a true picture of the determination, commitment and courage that is required to start life afresh.